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If you are looking for reliable Dog Breeders in Sydney, you can count on Genuine Canine.

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We offer numerous breeds of Canine to our customers. You can purchase and adopt them.


At Genuine Canine, we make every possible effort to give our customers attractive and healthy puppies. We are considered as one of the best breeders in Sydney because we share a great bond with dogs and have a great understanding of their requirements, mood and happiness. We have an experienced team of professionals who have in-depth knowledge about different breeds of dogs.

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Genuine Canine is one of the most reputed and popular dog breeders, located in Sydney. We offer different breeds of dogs to our customers that include Beagle, Groodle, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, French Bulldog, Australian Terrier and many more. Our dogs and puppies enjoy a healthy and relaxed environment. They are energetic, so we make sure that they remain fit and active. We have a team of professionals that take care of the dogs.

The puppies are raised in the kennels with lots of affection and attention. We make sure that they get well socialised with people and develop a friendly behaviour at a very early age. It helps you develop a good bond with a new puppy in the minimum time.

All our females are healthy. Despite that, we take a proper x-ray of the spine and hips and also test DNA. Our seasoned professionals also choose the male dog for breeding very carefully. They always want to improve the quality of puppies that we produce.

We are in this business for the last many years. Our experienced professionals have developed a great affection with the dogs and puppies. From medicines and grooming to training and shelter, we do every possible thing for them. That is why they are always fit, friendly and active.


We offer shelter to all our dogs and puppies at our kennel, so they stay safe until we find a home for them.


Out professionals spend hours with them so that they can get proper training and becomes friendly with you.


We look for canines that are suffering from any health issues or injury. Our Vets provide them with the medical help they need.


We also pay special attention to their cleanliness. Thus, we groom them from time to time, so they look attractive.

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    At Genuine Canine, we are not only committed to providing healthy puppies of the best breed but also offer you the Canine that has been rescued by our professionals. We give the highest priority to their health and happiness and make a tireless effort until they find a permanent home for them and loving owner. Make sure you get quality and value.

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    We are backed by a team of experienced professionals that include seasoned veterinary surgeons, pet trainers as well as dog groomers. These experts do their task perfectly and make sure that all our new puppies are perfectly fine. Our experts have a great understanding of animal science, particularly genetics and reproduction system. Therefore, we give assurance to our customers that we provide healthy, strong and smart puppies. One of our patrons, the CEO of a reputed company offering Professional End of Lease Cleaning Sydney, has adopted three beautiful puppies and is a regular visitor.

    Our seasoned professionals also make sure that the puppies get their vaccination on time and also done with the micro chipping procedure. They also ensure that the puppies have parasite prevention treatment and proper veterinary check up. They collect all the documents and maintain a proper file so they can provide it to the customers when it is required.

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    Whether you want to purchase puppies, adopt the rescued one, need information on the breeding process or want to cleaner your doubts about price, contact our professionals. They have in-depth knowledge about our entire procedure so you will get accurate information.

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