What is The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Dogs’ Actions

What is The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Dogs’ Actions


Isn’t it lovely to come home and see your little furry friend waiting for you at the door? Your dog might run around in circles, walk on its hind legs, jump on you or show its puppy dog eyes. If you want to know what your dog is trying to convey through these actions, you should read below and know what your dog is trying to communicate.

What Your Dog Is Trying To Say

According to a recent survey, over 70 % of Australian households have at least one pet, and half of these households have a dog as a pet. This increased during the COVID-19 pandemic when people were stuck at home and needed emotional support. Dogs were the furry buddies that people needed to comfort them during the pandemic, as they shower humans with love and compassion.

And even though it costs $1,627 to look after a dog, more and more people are bringing home these furry creatures to play with. But once you bring home your dog, you should strengthen your bond with them and see what they are trying to communicate with you through its actions. Here are the most common actions of dogs and what they mean:


It is cute when your dog tilts its head sideways, but what is it trying to show by doing this? There are three possible reasons why your dog is tilting its head to one side which are:

  • Your dog might be interested in or trying to understand what you are saying.
  • Your dog might be waiting for more instructions on what to do.
  • Lastly, your dog might just be trying to locate the source of a sound.

On Their Hind Legs

Do you see that your dog suddenly gets up on its hind legs, and you are wondering if it is a sign of playfulness or something else? It all depends on the situation at hand and the context.

For instance, if you are alone with your dog and it stands up on its hind legs and touches you, they are trying to show they love you and want your attention. So, cuddle your little one at these moments as they are looking for affection. If they are outside with other dogs and stand up on their hind legs, they want to play and enjoy themselves with their furry friends.


This is normal if you come home to find feathers everywhere because your dog has chewed up all your pillows. They do it to strengthen their teeth when you have a puppy. So, it is a good idea to buy them plenty of chew toys to look after your puppy and keep them active and their teeth healthy.

But if you have an older dog chewing everything, this could mean they are not getting enough exercise. It would be best if you took them out for a walk every day to keep them up and about. You should also try playing fun games, like hiding their toys or getting a tug rope to keep them active inside your home.

Bringing Toys

If you see that your dog is constantly bringing you toys, it is normal to think that they want to play. But sometimes, when they bring you different things and maybe something they have caught, they trust you and want to show you their prize. So, before you throw that toy or ball in the air to play fetch, keep it with you for a few minutes and see how your dog reacts.


The most common reason a dog yawn is because they are tired, but if they constantly yawn around you at home, it could also mean they are comfortable and happy. On the other hand, if your dog starts yawning continuously in an unknown place, like at the vet’s, it could mean they are nervous and scared. You should shower them with love and affection to reassure them that everything is fine.


One important thing to remember is that dogs observe your facial actions and body stances and then react, so this could help you understand what they need. Thus you must understand why your dog is making that cute face or yawning and fetching your toys so that you can respond accordingly. If you need more information on the same, you can always hire a dog breeding service in Australia to help you understand your dog’s behaviour.


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