About Us

We are a Reliable Dog Breeder

Genuine Canine is an Australian owned business that operates in Sydney. We have a team of professionals who have deep knowledge about the different breeds of dogs and puppies. We always give utmost priority to the heath of the puppies and make sure that they remain, happy and active throughout the day. Genuine Canine has become a reliable name among the dog lovers because we make efforts, so you get nothing but the best quality and complete value for your money. Over the years, we have owned some of the best breeds of dogs.

Our Kennel

The kennels of our dogs and puppies are very comfortable, where they relax. They live here until we find their new home.

Our Experts

We have a team of experts who understand the behaviour of the dog. They spend hours with the dog and puppies and train them perfectly.


If you canines are suffering from any health problem or injuries, our vets take care. They also conduct various tests before the breeding process.

Pet Groomers

We understand how important it is to clean the puppies. Our pet groomers brush the puppies regularly and also give them a bath.

Why Genuine Canine?

The puppies we offer you our customers are raised in our kennel so that we can monitor the mother as well as babies. We also make efforts, so they get into contact with usually household environment and noises. We create a family life environment that involves cuddles and a lot of attention. And even when the puppies go to their new homes after 8 weeks they come for a vet check-up, vaccination, microchipped and so similar things.

Our professionals also provide a transition pack and give valuable advice to the owner. These things help the puppies to settle into their new home. Stuff that we offer includes a comfort blanket, play toy, tinned and dry food and information sheets on basic puppy care, crate training and toilet.

We want to offer the best breeds of dog and puppies to our customers and make sure that our Canine remains healthy and happy for the entire day. We trained them so they can quickly develop a great bond with the owners.

At Genuine Canine, we focus on the advance study, exhibiting, breeding, running as well as maintenance of the purebred dogs. We also are committed to rescue the dog and puppies in the street and provide them with food and shelter.

We love all breeds of dogs, so we want to gains further knowledge about the best breeds of dog and how to improve their qualities. Our team look for people who can cherish dogs as companions. We want to protect the overall well-being of all dogs.

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