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Boomer is a four months old puppy rather mischievous and is usually the leader of playing tag with other puppies. He is very active and also loves the attention of other people. Boomer is very friendly and loves to have cuddles from everyone. If you are interested in French bulldog, he is an ideal option.

  • He is quite healthy.
  • Our professionals keep him busy, so boomer stays active.
  • We also groom him from time to time.


Barbie is more mature than her age. Although she is only six months old, she behaves smartly. Barbie has a very relaxed personality, and she loves to sit and watch the action around her. As our professionals spend a lot of time with her, Barbie is likely to have a very strong bond with her owner.

  • She is very active and healthy.
  • She has a great understanding of humans and loves to stay with them.
  • Barbie is friendly and great with kids.


Toby is a four months old puppy who is quite strong and smart. He is very also active and likes to grab the attention of other people. As the breed suggests, Toby is very courageous as well as friendly and loves to play all the time. If you want to have a healthy German shepherd puppy, contact our customer support.

  • Toby is very active and has great stamina.
  • Our trainer spends a lot with him, so he likes to stay around people.
  • He enjoys bathing and also gets regular brushing.

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