How To Keep Your Dog Active Inside Your House

How To Keep Your Dog Active Inside Your House


It can be disheartening to keep your dogs inside all the time during the winter season, but it is too cold to let them out. You can solve this problem by keeping them active and healthy inside the house, so they are happily running around everywhere. Dog breeding experts in Australia also feel this is important to maintain the mood swings of a dog.

A dog who doesn’t get enough exercise might get bored and start destroying things inside the home and acting out differently. They might also feel depressed about staying inside, so you must keep them active in the following ways:

Start A Game Of Go Fetch

You might be playing this outside your home as well, but it is necessary to let the puppy keep playing this inside your home to keep them active. You should get their favourite toy or a dog bone and throw it around so they can run after it. This will keep them fit, active, and excited to play in the house.

Hide Their Toys And Make Them Find Them

According to expert dog breeders in Sydney, you can also keep dogs active inside by hiding their favourite toys and having them find them. They will run around looking all over for their little friend and get some good exercise in the process. You can also hide their favourite chew stick or treat and have them find it as a reward.

Switch Up Their Toys

Just like a baby is happy when you give them a new toy, dogs love new toys. It would be best if you bought a new friend for your dog when they are inside so that they have someone new to play with.

Get Some Rope And Have Them Tug On It

When talking about physical activity and exercise, this is one of the best dog exercises as it strengthens the entire body. Play a game of tug of war by throwing a rope near them and having the pull one end while you pull the other. This will also help strengthen their teeth and keep them on their toes.

Invite Other Dogs Over

Animals are like humans and get excited to see their friends come over. You should organise a play date for your canine and invite some other canines over so that they can run around and play with each other. Just keep all wires and toxic substances out of the way so that none of them chews something wrong and gets hurt.

Build An Indoor Course For Them

It would be best to have your dogs running and jogging around in your house by building an obstacle course inside your home. You can use cardboard boxes, laundry detergent boxes, little shelves and blanket forts to create an obstacle course for them. Have them run around and find little treats all over the obstacle course to stay interested in the game.

Train Your Dog

You can use this time indoors to train your dog and make them learn new commands like Fetch, Sit, Give Paw and more. This will make it easier to keep training them when they go outside as well, and they will be able to learn new and different commands. If they are a puppy, you can even use this time to toilet train them so they can learn as soon as possible.

Spend Time With Them

Good dog breeders in Sydney also agree that the best way to keep your dog active and happy when they are indoors is to spend time with them. You can take some time to pet them, hug them and give them a nice brush down and make them happy and furry. They will enjoy the extra time with you and won’t be upset about not going outside in the cold. You can also take your dogs for walks inside your house itself if you have enough space. This way, they will stay active and spend time with you.


All the above tips will help your dog stay healthy and happy indoors and keep them active and fit. They will enjoy extra time with you and be in good spirits the whole day.


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