How to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly

How to Make Your Home Dog-Friendly


Most dog owners consider their dogs more than just animals, they consider their furry friend a family member. This is why it is important to make your home a safe and comfortable place for your beloved pet. It is a fact most people do not think about their pets when building or buying a house. However, there is still a way to make your living space dog-friendly.

The first thing to keep in mind is that things change as your dog grows up, and you will need to adjust to its requirements and behaviours. You should always keep an eye on things like decor and carpets. Similarly, you should focus on spaces where your dog spends the most time. After getting your pet from the best dog breeder Sydney, you should focus on making your home a safe place for your pet. Here is how to make your home dog-friendly.

1.  Store Valuable and Delicate Items High

If you have a standard-sized home, chances are, your dog will have sufficient space to hang around. The pet will play with anything and everything in their sight, which makes it a poor choice to store fragile and valuable items where your furry friend can reach. It can also prove to be dangerous for the pet. To ensure they do not sniff toxic chemicals or break any of your valuables, remember to store all your delicate and valuable items high. It is a must to store medications out of the pet’s reach. Similarly, anything that can be broken easily should be kept away.

2.  Do Not Get Carpets and Rugs

As a pet owner, flooring is one most important things that you should look after. Ensure your home has hardwood floors or textured tiles that are easy to clean. It is best recommended to simply avoid furnishing your floor with rugs and carpets. This is because if you have a pet, rugs will likely collect bacteria and hair, which is neither good for you nor your pet.

3.  Invest in Pet-Friendly Indoor Plants

Another way to make your space safe and comfortable for your dog is by investing in pet-friendly indoor plants after you have selected the right dog breed. Having plants that do not cause any unease to your beloved dog is important. If you are one of those homeowners who like to decorate their home with indoor plants, there is no better thing to do than to get a few pet-friendly plants. Some of the options you have include Parlor Palm, Areca Palm, Spider Plants, etc. All these options are pet-friendly.

4.  Ensure Easy Access

It is quite important to ensure that the safe place in your home is easy for your puppy to access. The safe place for your dog must be around the primary rooms of the residence or the space where your dog likes to spend the most time. The safe place should never be used for anything negative, like punishments, as that will make your pet see that space as negative, reducing the chances of them spending time there.

Wrapping Up

Making your home dog-friendly is critical for your dog’s training and overall well-being. In addition to create a safe and comfortable place for them, you should look to avoid things like rugs and carpets. Doing the things mentioned in this article is an ideal way to make your home dog-friendly.

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